Here they are folks. Our first batch of limericks. Thanks to Patricia for pulling this together.


There once was an old woman who wrote;
She kept all her words in a tote.
Her laptop, you see,
Was jammed A to Zee,
And just kept on getting her goat.
-Kathleen Piesse

In my pocket, a flip-phone doth lurk
I don’t need it for communicating or work
it’s there to avoid strife
it’s there so my wife
Has a leash she can jerk
-John Burnham

There once was a pretty tri-colored parrot
Who thought to swoop down on the garden for a carrot
Then the leafy bean plants and potatoes began to shake
The disbelieving parrot squawked, “For goodness sake!”
For there came a carrot thief in the form of a ferret.
-Lori Feldberg

An innocent man named LaCruz
Was one day away from the noose
A sweet, single female
Broke LaCruz out of jail
They mounted her horse and vamoosed.
-Carol Ritten-Smith

There was an old woman from Red Deer
Who said, “I don’t know why I stay here”.
Her dog pressed his wet nose
‘gainst her big naked toes
“Ah, now I do know why I’m still here.”
-Shirley Kabachia

There once was a man named Daryl
Who wore really wacky apparel
One day, just for fun
That old son of a gun
Went over the falls in a barrel.
-Patricia O’Neill

Everyday I have a spat
with my durn ol’ pussy cat.
She scratches some;
I swat her bum.
It’s claw and broom–tit for tat.
-Annette Gray

My cat’s a dedicated birder
Never a mouse murderer.
She annoys the ….ell out of me
When she catches a chickadee
And I’m helpless to restrain ‘er.
-Annette Gray

You may think my kitty-cat’s mean,
but she’s not as bad as she seems.
When she’s hungry she scratches.
When she’s fed she relaxes
and curls up with her bird stalking dreams.
-Annette Gray (she thought it was one a day, very prolific!)

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Meetings cancelled until further notice

Due to escalating concerns regarding the coronavirus, we have postponed the memoir workshop and as a preemptive measure will cancel regularly scheduled meeting until further notice. No cause for concern, just better to err on the side of caution. Regular scheduled meetings will resume… “to be determined” Writers are hermits anyways… so stay home for a few days and write.

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Jan. 21st Meeting


We are holding our regular meeting this evening (Jan. 21st) at 7:00. But please be advised that a freezing rain warning has been issued for our area.

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Jan. 14th Meeting Cancelled

We are cancelling the Jan. 14th meeting due to extreme cold. Stay home and stay warm.

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Anthology Review

In addition to our regular meeting tonight (2019-11-19), Mike will be bringing copies of the 2019 anthology for review. If you have a piece in it, please come and proof read it.

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Gloves Off Tuesday

Just a reminder. Tuesday Nov. 5th is Gloves Off day. Come and provide in-depth feedback to your colleagues.

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2019 AGM Updated Agenda

Writers’ Ink


29 OCTOBER 2019


  1. Call to order


  1. Approval of Agenda


  1. Reading of Minutes from AGM of November 2018


  1. Approval of actions of the Board of Directors


  1. President’s Report of the year – Patricia O’Neill


  1. Financial Report – Mike Marr


  1. Writers Ink getting a post office box.


  1. New Business: TBA


  1. Election of Officers – Review Duties


5.1   President

5.2   Secretary


  1. Elections
  2. Adjournment
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