May 7th, 2019 — Learning Tuesday and Change of Location

Hi Members,

Just a short note about the upcoming (May 7th, 2019) Learning Tuesday.  John will be taking us through the second half of his seminar on Word Processing

John will be talking on topics such as:

– Review of ruler
– Tab settings
– Display of hidden characters
– Editing text (copy, cut & space)
– Keyboard shortcuts
– Read aloud in MS Word
– Headers & Footers
– Cover Page
– Demonstration of starting a short story file

Unfortunately, our current space is unavailable that day, so we will be returning to our former haunts at the Sunnybrook Farmhouse:

4701 30th Street

The change of location is for that day only.  We will be back at the Schoolhouse the following week, May 14th, 2019.

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26th February Meeting Cancelled

Our meeting scheduled for Tuesday 26th February has been called due to cold weather. Hopefully we will see you all next week.

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Meeting Cancelled (again)

Our meeting this week, Tuesday 12th Feb. is cancelled due to the extreme cold.

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February 5th Meeting Cancelled

Tuesday’s meeting (Feb. 5th 2019) is cancelled due to the cold.

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Christmas Party!

High all,

Writers’ Ink Christmas Party will be held at the Sunny Brook Farm house on Tuesday 18/2018 at 7:00pm. Bring along a nibbly and visit. If you have any Christmas poems or stories, bring them along as well.
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AGM November 20th

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) has arrived. It will be held at the new location this Tuesday (November 20/2018).

In addition to the standard review of year end financial statement, we will be electing three (3) new officers.The positions of Vice president, Treasurer and Web Master are up for nominations.

You can re-nominate those in place or you can nominate someone else. Whatever your heart desires.



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Learning Tuesday (Nov. 6)

A Novel Scavenger Hunt

Goal: To review and strengthen reading skills so we are able to recognize what a writer does well. Then we can apply the technique to our own writing. Bonus: you will end up hearing about a book or three that you want to read.

Preparation: Bring a novel or two that you are familiar with to the meeting.

The first activity will be working on your own for 10 minutes to tag locations in your novel(s) where the scavenger hunt items (you will be supplied with a list at the meeting) are found.

The second activity will be working in pairs for 20 minutes to do the same thing.

The final activity will be sharing your favorite finds.


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