A Bill Birse poem from our December 28th Meeting

Sharing our writing at weekly meetings with one another never seems quite enough. With the vehicle of the Writers’ Ink new blog, we will publish as much of our writing as members will allow.

The Prostatelyzers by Bill Birse



Seminal vesicles?

Robotic surgery?

Gleason score?





Radiation, I know about that.

And, Chemotherapy—I don’t want that.

Confusing words never pondered before

Will change your life, forever more.

But, there is a group who proselytize

on the joys of being a prostate guy.

Once a month they get together—

and they’re not talkin’ about the weather.

So, this group of prostate guys—

and gals who hang right by their side.

Laugh and chat about their plight,

and help each other with enormous insight

I’ve heard it said by many men

“I’m a man. I’m tough. It’s no big deal.

Meddling support groups aren’t for me.

I”ll get through this on my own, by gee.”

I say to you, too bad for them

they miss a chance to make a friend.

Who’ll be with them all the way,

help guide them through their great dismay..

And so, gentleman, stick out your bum.

Let your doctor have his fun.

It’s not for pleasure he’ll digitalize.

He’s trying to save your backside.

Now, should he find something strange—

confusion and choices may well enrage.

But, should you find these prostate guys,

you’ll be glad they’ve learned to prostatelyze.

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