Meeting of March 1, 2011 – CANCELLED

The current temperature (Monday, Feb. 28) is -22C. The forecast for tomorrow isn’t much better. Please check back here to see if our weekly meeting is cancelled or if it’s a go. A determination will be made by mid-afternoon.

Club policy states meetings will be cancelled if the weather is colder than -20 (and it is!)

If we cancel, please consider the following Table of Contents. It has been prepared for our new Chapbook and will go to print unless I hear of errors or any other reason to hold the presses.

Table of Contents

Stepsister Diary – Judith Anne Moody

StormBorn – James Falk

I’d Have – JLChristman

I See You – JLChristman

He Promised to Love Me – JLChristman

Daddy’s Girl Fallen – JLChristman

Oh, Give Me a Bike – Margrit de Graff

To Rhyme Or Not To Rhyme – Margrit de Graff

My Valentine – Margrit de Graff

The Amazing Thing about Hope – Bill Birse

Write On! – Bill Birse

Anticipation – Bill Birse

Crazy Kid From Canmore – Jock Mackenzie

The Noise From Above – Jock Mackenzie

Alberta Puzzle – Jock Mackenzie

The Gamer – John Burnham

The Dog and the Cookie Sheet – Mary Ann Steele

Puffed Wheat Vs The Birds – Mary Ann Steele

Jellybeans – Jock Mackenzie

Performin’ – Jock Mackenzie

Grandfather’s Chair – Richard McIntyre

Join Our Pirate Band – Jock Mackenzie

The Midnight Glower – Jock Mackenzie

Vote Four! – Jock Mackenzie

Patience – JLChristman

A Thought – JLChristman

Dreamer – Dale Stevens

Spirit Highway – Dale Stevens

Hmmmm – Dale Stevens

Hoards of Mirrors – Dale Stevens

I’d Be The Fool – Dale Stevens

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