We’re off to Chapters and . . .

On Saturday, May 28 from noon until 4:00 p.m., we will have a table in the Red Deer Chapters store. Thanks to Nikki Boltwood of Chapters we will have the opportunity to promote our Writers’ Ink club and sell A Diction – A Collection of Poems and Stories,  our new anthology. As well, for any club members who have their own books already in Chapters, those too can be put on display and offered to the public. Nikki has indicated an interest in playing an active role in promoting the work of local authors and we appreciate her efforts.

Details have yet to be finalized but it is likely that our anthology will  soon appear in the two local Safeway stores. Downtown Safeway manager David Reid was kind enough to direct us to NewsWest who supplies Safeway with periodicals and paperbacks. Further follow-up has resulted in NewsWest agreeing to supply our anthology to the Downtown and North Hill Safeways. More soon.

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2 Responses to We’re off to Chapters and . . .

  1. Dave White says:

    Good to hear about NewsWest, it makes me happy to see that available markets are opening up to the club.

  2. Fran Kimmel says:

    Fantastic news for the club! Hope to see you at Chapters. Fran

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