Fuzzy Pictures – Clear Intent

I took a few pictures of our anthology with my new Smart Phone. The phone is clearly smarter than I am. Eventually I learned how to download the pics and now offer the fuzzy outcome as proof that our books are out in the public eye:

The “Alberta Authors” shelf at Chapters

Local authors at the Red Deer Co-op

Shown below is an email advertising the availability of our anthology – A Diction, A Collection of Poems and Stories. The letter below is one I sent to family, friends, colleagues from work, and anyone who I felt comfortable telling that our book was available. Since sending the letter, I have received several replies thanking me for thinking to send the announcement and promising to forward the news to even more potential buyers. Let’s hope it works.


As you may know, I belong to a writing group – Writers’ Ink, The Red Deer & District Writers’ Club. Our club is marketing our latest anthology, A Diction, A Collection of Poems and Stories. I have attached a picture of the front cover.


I have a novel excerpt (it’s the first chapter) from my crime drama, Dealing With Dymans, and a poem titled What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? in this anthology.

For the first time ever our anthology is available in a variety of venues:


The Country Cupboard

The Country Mouse B & B

Duchess Manor B & B

Galbraith Manor B & B

Lacombe Co-op

Lady Bug Studio (Olds)

LaSolitude B & B

Nesbitt House B & B

Parkland Nursery

Red Deer Co-op

Rolyn Hills B & B

Springbett B & B

Spoule’s Mountview IDA Drug Store

Studio Arts (Innisfail)


Sports Hall of Fame Gift Shop

VA Gift Shop (Red Deer General Hospital)

Westpark IDA Drug Store

If sales are good, the businesses listed above (and hopefully others) will be more likely to accept more writing in the future from our club members.

Please consider purchasing an anthology and/or telling your friends. It would be a tremendous help to me and to Writers’ Ink.

Thank you for your support.


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