Hey everybody!

We’d like to get our chapbook for Christmas 2011 together the week of Dec. 4.
If you wish to contribute a piece of your writing, please get it to Jock by that time.
Please supply your piece as a .doc (not .docx) file.
Those of you using the latest edition of Microshaft Word will have to do the following:
1. Open your piece as per usual
2. Drop the File menu
3. Select Save As
4. In the Save As dialog box, click the arrow on the right of the Save as type field
5. Click on Word 97-2003
6. Click on Save
This will result in a copy of your work being saved with the .doc filename extension. Send this one to Jock.
Use any font and paragraph format you please, but we recommend Arial or Courier 12pt., 1.5 line spacing.
Top and bottom margins should be 1”.
The first , third, and any additional odd numbered pages of your work should have side margins of 1.25”  left and 1” right.
The second, fourth, and any additional even numbered pages should have side margins of 1”  left and 1.25” right.
[If you are having difficulty with the margin thing, we can do it for you. That’s one of the reasons we’re requesting the files in .doc format.]
The page numbering applies to your piece only. The first page is always page 1.
Pictures or artwork may be included but whether or not we can do them in color is yet to be resolved. Color usually means an unacceptable escalation in the printing price, but we may be able to beat it. If you have pictures or artwork in your piece, please indicate whether or not it is acceptable to render them in greyscale should we not be able to get the color thing within reason.
We will have the printing done commercially since the quantities allow us rates below what it would cost members to print the material themselves.
You may print your own stuff if you want to, but you’ll have to keep in touch with Jock regarding how many copies we are making.

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