Holley Rubinsky’s Writing Camps

I received this letter in the mail today:

Hello Jock,

I found your name on the Red Deer Writers Ink website — very dynamic. I want to spread the word among intermediate writers (those with material to organize or rewrite) about my summer writing camps in the West Kootenays.

I’ve attached a flyer with more information. Thank you for your help,


PS: Years ago I read in Red Deer from my first book, Rapid Transits and Other Stories.

I don’t know Holley but am happy to spread the word – any word that might help writers. Click to see the poster below –

Rubinsky Writing Camp

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One Response to Holley Rubinsky’s Writing Camps

  1. Hello Jock,
    A Red Deer writer contacted me to work with him because he’d read my first book in university and saw my letter to you about Writing Camps/Kaslo on Writer’s Ink. Thank you!

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