Member Writing – “I’d Like To Be A Friend” by Annette Gray


I’d Like To Be A Friend © Annette Gray


If I could make a difference in this life as I pass through,

It would be with acts of kindness to help a friend or two.

I’d like to be a person, both compassionate and kind,

So when someone needs a helping hand my name would spring to mind.


I’d like to be remembered as a person who said, “thanks”

For the kindly deeds of others or those harmless little pranks

That bring sunshine to a cloudy day. And I’d like to play a part

In spreading cheer to others who may have a heavy heart.


If I could make a difference, what a difference it would be;

There would be no wars nor sorrow, illness or poverty.

But since I have no power to change a whole world’s pain and strife,

Then I pray I’ll make a difference to each person in my life.


Yes, if I can make a difference as I journey down life’s street,

Then I’d like to make a difference to each person that I meet.

May each smile I give to someone else travel quickly on its way,

Be relayed to many others . . . and make a difference to their day.

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