Writers’ Ink member has book event in Arizona

It is with great pleasure and considerable pride that we share news for one of our club’s long-time members, Annette Gray. 

Western National Parks Association  
Tucson Arizona, April Events
Saturday, April  28 at 12:00 noon and 2:00 PM
Journey of the Heart-A True Story Book Presentation and Signing
Presented by Annette Gray and Rowene Aguirre-Medin

In her book, Annette Gray engagingly chronicles the life story of Mamie (Bernard) Aguirre, an American pioneer woman of extraordinary courage and talent. Mamie was a proper, Southern belle from Missouri who married a New Mexico freighter, don Epifanio Aguirre. When her husband was murdered in a stagecoach ambush on the way to Tucson, she began teaching in rural Arizona schools. Later, she became the first woman professor at the University of Arizona. Mamie was acquainted with Jesse James, Cole Younger, Wyatt Earp, and Geronimo. She lived through Apache raids and wrote extensively in her journals about the events that happened in her life on the frontier. Rowene is the great-granddaughter of Mamie Aguirre, the main character in Journey of the Heart-A True Story.

Reservations required: please call 622-6014 during business hours, beginning one week prior to the event.

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