Moonlight Whispers by Alison Whittmire

Poetry 3

Writers’ Ink would like to welcome their newest member, Alison Whittmire, a budding writer and poet from Central Alberta. Winner of Edmonton Poetry Festival’s writing contest with her poem, Moonlight Whispers, which is proudly displayed at the University of Alberta Hospital. We look forward to her future works and accomplishments.

Moonlight Whispers

When I lie alone
in the murky, shadowy stillness
of the midnight hour,
that trickster Doubt,
slyly, cunningly,
slinks under the door.

Convincing me,
with impeccable logic,
if even for a moment,
that hope is pointless,
foolish, uneducated,
I almost acquiesce.

But then, on absolute perfect cue,
a single sliver of silver Moonlight
trickles through the window
and kisses my weary palm.
I am bathed, enveloped,
in both passion and compassion
for myself, my future.

Moonlight reminds me,
with equal parts kindness and resolve
that Hope is neither logic nor naiveté.
Hope is power. Hope is intuition.
It is the visceral knowing
that the condition of my body need not
dictate whether or not I am healed.

All I have is hope.
And that is a lot.

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