New Year’s Toast


My wish for all of you:

In 2016 may you know joy. Personally. Intimately. May it be a part of you in all of its varied dynamics. May you experience quiet moments of satisfaction that bring the slightest of smiles to your lips or let you breathe a sigh of relief for even a second or two. May you also experience moments of over-the-top, unabashed, can’t stop my hands from clapping and my feet from tapping, jumping up and down, guttural shrieking, glee!

In 2016 may you know health. … May it live in you and around you in all of its shapes and sizes. Physically, may you know strength, and may your body have moments of total reprieve from all aches, pains and limitations. May you surprise yourself with what your now one-year-older body can still do, or can learn to do for the first time. Emotionally, may breadth and balance be over-arching themes in your life. May you live them and feel them daily. May you find rainbows in the clouds and may you seek out the pots of gold. Intellectually, may you seek knowledge and get answers for that for which you seek. May you open your mind to critical thought and sound wisdom, and may you receive and accept the answers that come to you. Spiritually, may you find purpose and connection with all great and small. May you sense the web of life that surrounds you and that you are a part of, even if it is too enormous for you to see and put into perspective, and so ubiquitous that it is difficult to even perceive its presence.

And, knowing in advance that the year won’t only be filled with fabulous moments, in 2016 may you to be surrounded by friends, family, faith and love as you boldly face any and every challenge that comes before you.

Cheers, friends! Let’s look back lovingly at what lies behind us, and lift our glasses high to what lies before us and within us.

By: Alison Whittmire


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One Response to New Year’s Toast

  1. I hope to join you there.
    Look forward to meeting you.


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