Gloves Off Tuesday!


Hi everybody,

At the meeting last night we got several “deer-in-the-headlights” looks when we mentioned that the next learning session will be a “Gloves-Off Critique.”
Sooo, here is the text of the announcement I sent out on May 4:
Our next learning session will be “Gloves Off Critique” on June 7. The format for a “Gloves Off Critique” is that only two pieces will be given critique. These pieces must have been submitted at least one week prior to the actual meeting as they will be emailed to the membership. The membership will come to the meeting having read the piece and prepared with their critique, so the piece will not be read at the meeting; the entire time will be devoted to critique and discussion.
If you’d like to submit a piece for Gloves Off Critique, send it to me, but clearly indicate that it is for Gloves Off Critique so that I won’t confuse it with pieces intended for the regular meeting.
Again, the submissions for Gloves Off Critique must get to me at least a week before the actual meeting so that I can get them mailed and so that the membership has time to read and consider them before the big night. Ergo, the submissions for the first Gloves Off Critique must get to me before June 1.
This ought to be fun. 

Some critique guidelines (and possibly a check list) will be sent out within the next few days to help us all prepare.

Remember: I’ve gotta have your piece in my hot little hands by June 1 — that’s only two weeks away — for it to be considered.

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