Chapbook 2011

Welcome to “a great deal of” our 2011 Chapbook. For members who submitted multiple stories or poems, a least one offering is published here in its entirely. For those who submitted a single entry, we are publishing only a teaser. We hope you like what see and will find a club member so you can purchase the entire book. Books are now on sale for $5.


StormBorn by James Folk – page 1 of 2


Jenn Christman has 6 poems in the 2011 Chapbook. Here is the first one:


Margrit de Graf has a song and a story as well as this poem in our Chapbook:

Besides “Write On!”, Bill Birse has a short story and a poem in the Chapbook.

Jock Mackenzie has 6 other entries in the hard copy version of Chapbook 2011.

Shown below is page one of an eight-page story by John Burnham.

Mary Ann Steele has one other story in the Chapbook. It’s titled Puffed Wheat vs The Birds.

Included below is the first page of Richard McIntyre’s 3-page story.

Hoards of Mirrors is one of 5 poems Dale Stevens has in Chapbook 2011

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