Learning Tuesday – Feb 6th

Joshua Neufield will be presenting at our next “Learning Tuesday (Feb 6th). Topic is: website design. How do you get your writing noticed? what are some of the dos and don’ts?

The presentation is expected to be about 30 minutes, at which point he will be open to questions. Please think about what question you might like to ask him.


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Back on Schedule . . .

Greeting Writer’s Ink members…
Our first meeting of the season is on Tuesday, 16th of January.
Hope all were able to get a little writing in over the holidays.
Reminder… if you have not paid your dues, Lionel will be at the meeting.
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January 9th Meeting Cancelled

Greetings Writer’s Ink Members…
Its cold out there. Wind-chills and temperature is dropping -22… -28 is expected later.
Tonight’s meeting (January 9th)is cancelled. Best stay home and write.
Our next meeting (weather allowing) will be Tuesday the 16th.
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Closed for Christmas

Greetings Writer’s Ink members…

Due to the nature of the season “Christmas”, Writer’s Ink meetings will resume on January the 9th.
…No meeting on the 26th and…  No meeting on Jan the 2nd!
Yes January the 9th.
Till then, hope you all have a very happy holiday season.
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Christmas Party

Hello fellow Writer’s Ink members:

This coming Tuesday (December 12th) is the Christmas party. It is a pot-luck kind of gathering.
Those so inclined will bring along some nibblies to share.

Also for those so interested a gift exchange of sorts will happen.
Either a gift type item (not to exceed $10 value) or a small (1 page or less) written piece.

And if your in the giving spirit… don’t forget its “pay your dues time of year”.


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Christmas Party…

Hello fellow Inkblots…

Note the Christmas party (originally scheduled for first meeting in December) has been moved to December 12th.
The first Tuesday (December 5th) playwrights will discuss the process of writing a play and the experience of seeing their come alive on the stage.

More about (pot-luck) Christmas party to follow.


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Change of Plans for Tuesday

As a number of our play-writes will not be present on Tuesday (due to changes in rehearsals etc) the decision
has been made to reschedule the play-write discussion/presentation until next learning Tuesday… Dec 5th.

INSTEAD… we will have the standard read and critique that we typically do on our regular meetings.
So… if you have something to read bring it or send it through… as per usual.
Once again… this Tuesday will be a regular read & critique meeting.


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