The Path to Publication

A quick reminder for our up-coming learning Tuesday (March 6th). Paul will be speaking about/and taking us through some of the necessary steps to follow when submitting your work – poem, short story etc. – to some of the many magazines and contests.

As part of his presentation, he will submit a piece he has prepared in real time.

Look forward to seeing you all there.


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10 Word Story Contest

Here are the winners of our “Write a 10-word (or less) story” contest.

1st Place:  Lionel Lustgarten with, Pet Store Revolution.   Snail now in charge.”

2nd Place:  Richard McIntyre with, For sale. Sawed-off 12-gauge shot gun. Only used once.”

3rd Place:  Richard McIntyre with, “He pulled her close, kissed her neck, her nipples and…”

Many thanks to Richard for providing the prizes: chocolates from Purdy’s at Bower Mall.  And thanks again to Richard and to Lionel for sharing their bounty with the rest of the members in attendance that night.  It was a lot of fun!

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Thanks to Joshua

Our thanks go out to Joshua Neufeld of Red Anchor Studio for taking the time to meet with our members last Tuesday evening, 13th February, 2018.

Joshua is a knowledgeable web designer and a talented speaker. We came knowing little about websites and how they come into being and left knowing enough to move forward.

Joshua can be reached at:

Joshua K. Neufeld


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Back on Track for Tuesday, 13th February

Greetings Writers’ Ink Members,
The weather has warmed up, and we are on schedule for our Tuesday meeting (Tuesday, 13th February). Joshua will join us to give a presentation regarding author websites.


– How easy is it so set up an author website?
– How will this help me?
– When should I set up an author website?
– Does it cost?


Joshua will be able to answer these questions and any others you might have.
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Meeting Cancelled

Greetings Writer’s Ink Members…

It seems the weather man got it correct. It’s currently minus 17, without the wind-chill. Tonight’s meeting is officially cancelled.

Stay home with a bowl of hot punch and write your heart out.

Weather providing we will have our learning Tuesday with Joshua (author websites) next Tuesday.


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Learning Tuesday – Feb 6th

Joshua Neufield will be presenting at our next “Learning Tuesday (Feb 6th). Topic is: website design. How do you get your writing noticed? what are some of the dos and don’ts?

The presentation is expected to be about 30 minutes, at which point he will be open to questions. Please think about what question you might like to ask him.


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Back on Schedule . . .

Greeting Writer’s Ink members…
Our first meeting of the season is on Tuesday, 16th of January.
Hope all were able to get a little writing in over the holidays.
Reminder… if you have not paid your dues, Lionel will be at the meeting.
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